Day 20 dairy-free and hot yoga love

I don’t really have an interesting topic to talk about today except for my love of hot yoga! Well any yoga really, but in the middle of the winter when it’s -42(yes minus 42 degrees celsius) with the windchill hot yoga is just about the best way to spend an hour or more of your freezing cold day. I like to lie in shavasana and pretend I’m on the beach at some tropical paradise destination, it’s so relaxing and such a treat to have a warm place to escape to when it’s a blizzard outside. Not to mention it’s great full body workout that also includes balance and flexibility.  I’ve done a few different types of hot yoga so far. I tried the bikram style, which is a few degrees hotter and much more intense. They only offer 90 minute classes so every time you go you know you’re committing to a hour and a half of sweating your ass off. Although it was a great workout and I felt very refreshed afterwards, I still prefer the less intense hot yoga classes. I like to sweat but not to feel like I jumped into a swimming pool with all my clothes on.

I tend to hop around from studio to studio, not because I haven’t found one I like but because I can’t seem to justify paying over $100 a month or for 10 passes at one studio when I can go to a different one for their first month promotional offer or with a groupon. I just signed up for a one month unlimited pass for $40 and I’ve been trying to go every day or as much as possible! I started last week and so far I’ve missed 2 days but 5/7 isn’t too bad for the first week. I’m already feeling changes in my yoga practice after just one week. The first couple classes were rough and I’ve been sore pretty much the entire week but it’s been worth it to go back the next day and be able to hold a pose even longer or go deeper. I also like that I work shift work because I can go to classes that aren’t packed all the time like at 12 in the afternoon. I might end up having to pay for a one month pass after this one is up because I do like how much closer this studio is to where I live and I’d like to keep going after my month is up. Hopefully by that time I’ll be starting to see some physical changes too!

As for a non-dairy update I really don’t have much to report. I’m still not finding it too hard to live without dairy. I didn’t feel like packing a lunch the other day so I ended up getting subway for lunch and I honestly didn’t even notice the lack of cheese on my veggie sub. I’m thinking that’s a great way to cut calories if I can’t even notice it missing. My boyfriend almost convinced me to order pizza for supper the other day since I was feeling too lazy to cook but after cheating so much on our vacation I wanted to take the rest of the month seriously. It actually feels weird to only have 10 days left.. I can’t believe how easy it’s been to make it this far. I like that I’m not smothering all my foods in cheese anymore. Health wise I feel great too! I just realized that I worked all week yet I haven’t felt congested at all.. In fact I’ve been feeling great at work, not tired or stuffed up. There has been some research linking milk to mucus formation in some people so maybe milk was the culprit. There’s also been a lot of research which did not find a link so it could also be all the hot yoga lately.. I probably should have waited to see true results but in any case I think what works for you in your life is more important than what a researcher finds, in a lab, under particular circumstances, for a limited time trial, with other people. I think this way, because even though I love science and studied it for 4 years what we think to be true is constantly changing and science is just the process of finding new answers.

I also wanted to share a vegan product that I’m crazy about!  Sophie’s Kitchen Breaded Vegan Calamari, say what?! Vegan Seafood?? My boyfriend always gets mad when I bring home vegan versions of things. He doesn’t like that they’re trying to be something they’re not but even he agrees these are super tasty! I’ve only had real calamari once so I guess I’m not the best judge of whether or not they taste authentic but they are definitely delicious and supper addictive. The secret to the squid like texture and flavor is apparently Konjac powder, a ground up root native to Japan, China, Korea and Indonesia. I’m not really sure what it is but I’m glad they found it! I also like this product because unlike some vegan alternative foods it’s not heavily processed and contains just a few ingredients. Unfortunately carrageenan is one of them but if you only have these once in a while I’m sure it’s fine! On top of that 5% of all of their profits are donated to support oceanic species and habitat. So they’re good in my books!

2013-01-31 14.20.18

Other than that I’ve just been really excited about this year and about becoming more and more like the person I want to be and accomplishing the things in life that are important to me =)


2 responses to “Day 20 dairy-free and hot yoga love

  1. Hot yoga would have been amazing on our freezing cold days. I wish I had thought of that!
    Interesting to hear about your dairy-free feelings. My husband is vegan. I rarely eat meat (maybe four times a year?) but still do eggs and dairy on a regular basis. I’d love to try cutting out dairy to see if it helps my skin, but I can’t commit to giving up milk chocolate quite yet!
    Lastly, where did you find that calamari? I’d love to get some for the hubby, as he used to be a HUGE seafood fan!

  2. That’s awesome your husband is vegan, I wish I had that kind of willpower! This month is going well but I do miss cheese and more easily accessible food. Do you guys find it hard to cook meals for the both of you? My boyfriend eats meat(very little since I barely ever cook it anymore) and dairy and I find I’ve been making less and less meals for us to share as it’s hard to find dairy free options we’ll both enjoy.

    I have noticed a slight increase in energy but it could just be from the hot yoga classes. I haven’t really noticed any skin changes, maybe a little less dry.. I wish I could commit to it longer term to see if there were noticeable changes but I don’t think I’m ready just yet.

    Here is the link to the company that makes the calamari! They make pretty much all seafoods, I can’t wait to try some different ones! I found it at SuperStore actually, the one in St. Albert has a great organic/vegan aisle. I bet Planet Organic would carry it too if you have one of those nearby!

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