Spring fever!


I snapped a pic on my run this morning to show you what I mean by not looking like spring outside yet.. Go away snow!

Even though it does not look like spring outside I’ve definitely got spring fever! I’ve been cleaning, organizing my house, and making piles of stuff to give away on my days off. I also keep forgetting it’s still cold outside and started dressing for spring. I usually end up freezing and running as fast as I can from my car to the store/work or wherever I’m going. I have a ton of energy lately, probably due to the excitement of summer getting closer! I went for another run this morning, layered with tights, leggings, thermal shirt, sweater, windbreaker, and a touque but I forgot my mitts and froze my hands.


Hopefully I’ll have a longer harvest this year by staggering the planting by a few weeks.


Afterwards I decided to get a head start on gardening this year and planted most of my veggies in little pots to grow in front of the window. I can’t wait to transfer them into the garden once it gets warm enough, but it’ll be another 2 months at least.. I’ve got big plans for my garden this year, I learned a lot through trial and error last year and feel much more prepared this time around. I’m going to plant my main veggie garden, a small herb garden and a strawberry patch! Plus I want to plant some nice flowers that I’ll be able to make into bouquets for around the house. I’m going to try to lengthen the harvest time by staggering the planting so I’ll have more time for freezing, and preserving. Now I just need the snow to go away and stay away this time!  

Are you planting a garden this year? What are your favorite veggies to grow? 


One response to “Spring fever!

  1. YIKES! That’s your run!?!?!?!?!?!? That’s dedication! Sigh, I guess I can get out in the 50degree weather and stop complaining. Thx for the motivation.

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