Update – Nova Scotia trip and life in general.

I’m the worst blogger ever.. lol in all honesty I kind of forgot about my blog for a while there. Since my last post a lot has happened! First we took a trip to Nova Scotia for the wedding of an old and dear friend. We had a fantastic time! I got to see my family, old friends and a little bit of the cabot trail. Mostly we stayed at my cottage and built a new deck for my grandparents. I love our cottage there. It’s in a quiet area, a minute away from the beach which is also never crowded. It was so relaxing to just hang out the two of us and get away for a little bit. We went canoeing on the ocean, did a crazy hike in Cape Breton and jumped into the ocean in our clothes. The only thing that would have made it better would be if we could have stayed longer.

After we got back it was back to work where some departmental changes led to a promotion for me! Yay! Definitely feels good to be climbing the ladder at a company you enjoy and feel proud working for. Other than that just been doing lots of cooking and trying to fit in a run at least once or twice a week (my time has improved a lot since the spring!). I’m so looking forward to having a 8-5 schedule with this new job and being able to plan weeknight activities.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been trying out a lot of Happy Herbivore recipes and even purchased 2 weeks worth of meal plans. I have seriously been loving everything! Even recipes that have ingredients I normally don’t like or just seem like something I would never eat turn out delicious. Case in point: Fruit gazpacho.  The entire time I was making it I was thinking “this is a waste of fruit, no way I’m going to eat this.. tomatoes and cucumbers with fruit and mint.. gross” and then I couldn’t get enough of it! Same thing goes for all the HH Abroad recipes, everything is delicious and so easy. I don’t even notice the missing oil/fat. I really want to try actually sticking to a meal plan for a week and see how it goes as so far I’ve just been making the recipes. Anyways I just wanted to do a quick update and get back into blogging, it’s been too long!


Hiking on the Cabot Trail


So so beautiful!



The deck we built!


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