Day 2 and 3 of a high raw challenge

Okay so maybe I shouldn’t have started a challenge that require a ton of prep work in the middle of such a hectic week.. It was a strange work week for me as I had to switch from night shift to day shift in one day instead of my regular two days off.. That meant very little sleep for me both nights. I also had the Queen’s of the Stone Age concert Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun but I was a little too tired to fully enjoy it. I was also pretty hungry.

Honestly, I was just way too lazy to do this challenge this week. I only drank one of the two smoothies per day and did not eat as many veggies/salad as it called for which left me just hungry a lot but still not wanting to quit. I did well all Day 2 but cheated wed night after the concert. I got home and was starving, exhausted and not in the mood to make anything so I just chopped up a couple tomatoes and ate them with some cheese (I wish I had of had some vegan cheese on hand instead!).

Day 3 started good as well. I had a smoothie for breakfast and then lettuce wraps for lunch. They were actually delicious and I’d definitely make them again soon. After work I was exhausted and just not in the mood for salad for supper at all and I called it quits and made my masala pasta but I made sure to fill my bowl with mostly veggies. I honestly didn’t feel any different after doing the cleanse. Probably because I didn’t follow it correctly… Yet there were still some benefits. The green smoothies were awesome energy boosters. I always feel that way about smoothies and drink them quite frequently already but it was cool to add some new recipes to my repertoire. I also discovered other recipes like sweet potato hummus and the lettuce wraps which were tasty but overall I quite enjoy my cooked food and it’s usually pretty healthy. I think I could do raw for breakfast and lunch quite easily but supper just calls for cooked food in my opinion with salad as a side not a main dish. I’m so glad Young and Raw offers these free challenges. Check out their website, there’s all kinds of cool info and recipes for raw soups, sauces, etc. It was so cool to have a shopping list, recipes and meals planned for the 3 days. A great way to dip your toes into the raw food waters.

Side note: If it seems like a lot of my posts are about food it’s because I’m constantly trying to find ways to reduce my environmental impact. I have a lot less time now that I work full time and I find what I eat, where I get it from, and how I prepare it is one of the easiest things for me to be constantly working on. Plus I love food, discovering new recipes and sharing my excitement over them is fun for me!  

Other than that my weekend has been good so far! I’m dog sitting for a girl at work. A beautiful Husky/German Sheppard mix who is a sweetheart. We got to go floating down the river today in gorgeous sunny weather and then I took the dog on a nice bike ride afterwards. Now to clean the house and then relax for the rest of the weekend 🙂    

Have you ever tried a raw food challenge? Was it successful?  

Annnnd some instagram photos from this week: 


Strawberries in my garden 🙂 Yay!


Self-explanatory pic lol


2 responses to “Day 2 and 3 of a high raw challenge

  1. Hi love what you are doing. I did a raw stint a couple of years back. I felt amazing but it got boring. Check out my new vegan blog .

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