There are many simple ways that you can start to GreenUP your life. It doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Start slow. Pick maybe one or two things to work on and build from there. Once you get into the habit of doing these things it’ll be easier to incorporate more into your life later on.

The changes that I’ve found to be the easiest are:

-Using recyclable bags, coffee mugs, containers


-Shopping on Kijiji, Craigslist, freecycle, thrift stores

-Making and using homemade cleaning supplies

-Eat less meat, dairy, eggs

-Choose locally grown, organic, non-processed food

-Go paperless for billing, newsletters, etc

-Buy new music on itunes instead of in CD form

-Leave grass clippings and leaves on the ground.

Some others were a bit more difficult:

-Using fewer home appliances

-Grow your own food and eating seasonally

-Reducing plastic

-Alternative transportation

Other great options:

-Sustainable energy sources for your home

-Volunteering with a local organization

Annd some things that I hope you never do anyways but nonetheless:

-Stop idling your car

-Spraying your lawn for weeds

Most importantly, don’t stress out.  Going green should be a rewarding experience, one to feel proud of not stressed out over. Every small change matters so if you forget to bring your coffee mug one day out of the month remember the 29 other days that you saved a disposable cup from the landfill.  Beating yourself up over little things is not the answer and will only lead to frustration and possibly abandonment of your green initiatives.

You can also check out my post “10 tips for going green in the New Year

For even more ideas for going green check out these websites:


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