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Day 1 of a high raw challenge!

I love challenges, even if I don’t always complete them or stick with them 100%… I love the anticipation, the planning, and the feeling of trying something new. To me an attempted change is better than no change and usually leads to me picking up a few good habits in the long run. Last week, after talking with a friend at work about cleanses I decided I wanted to give one a try as well. The last cleanse I did was the master cleanse back in university to prepare for a trip to Cuba. I actually did enjoy that cleanse and looked and felt much better once the week was over! Admittedly I didn’t do it for the best reasons back then. More about looking good in a bikini then feeling healthy. Young and Raw, a Facebook page I follow, had just posted a 3 day high raw challenge that sounded right up my alley!

This Monday was a holiday (Heritage day) and to celebrate we have a weekend long festival with food, dancing, and displays from many different countries/cultures around the world. Since I knew I would be trying lots of new foods, a lot of them not so healthy I figured a Monday start would be perfect. Unfortunately last week I started feeling very drained at work. A few people had been sick lately and while I usually don’t catch whatever is going around this time I did. By Friday I was completely exhausted and left work early. I still wanted to go to Heritage days so I loaded up on drugs (even though I usually try to stay away from them) and we even stopped at the farmer’s market beforehand and bought a ton of fresh berries. I had a really fun time! It’s honestly amazing what drugs can mask. By the time I got home the drugs were starting to wear off and I crashed. I crawled into bed the minute I got home and didn’t move from either the couch or the bed for the next day and a half. My boyfriend was the perfect caretaker always making sure I had Neocitron, orange juice, soup or hugs to make me feel better. Even though my Monday start got derailed I was feeling well enough by Monday evening after all that rest that a Tuesday start could work!  

Somehow I managed to have almost everything needed for the raw challenge already stocked in my fridge. With the exception of some fruit I need to go pick up today. Once I discovered that there was no turning back. I spent the morning preparing some of the meals for the next 3 days. I didn’t manage to eat everything on the schedule for Day 1 (it’s a lot of veggies!) but I did pretty good. I had to work at night and felt a little tired and lightheaded for part of the night but I definitely had more energy than last week. The only time I cheated from the challenge was at 2am last night. Getting home from work my belly was growling for food but I was not in the mood to make a salad. Instead I grabbed a handful of unsalted cashews and went to bed. I find evenings the worst for snacking (as I’m sure most people do) I’ll eat healthy all day long but then be craving crackers and cheese or other salty foods as soon as it’s dark out. So I was pretty proud of sticking to a plant based snack!

Today I’m going to go grab the rest of the fruit needed for the challenge and then we’re going to the Queens Of The Stone Age concert tonight!! Yayyy! I am very excited! I only wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow morning.. Hopefully all this healthy eating will give me energy to get through the day! So far no detox symptoms to report unless the light-headedness was a symptom but I chalk that up to being sick for the weekend. I don’t really think I’ll have any detox symptoms as I normally don’t eat processed foods or high/fat high sugar garbage.     

And It wouldn’t be an eco-couple post without an update or photo with chickens! 


I tried to fend of the sickness last week with a cold-busting smoothie and yoga in the sun! I love natural remedies 🙂


Picked some berries for the chickens. They’ve been such good layers lately they deserved a treat!