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Reducing stress and one year anniversary.

So I’ve been pretty stressed out about work lately. The can’t relax but exhausted, can’t shut your brain off kind of stress that is ridiculously unhealthy. In my home life stress is never really an issue. Shadoe and I are both very go with the flow people. We don’t fight about little things around the house or worry about money. In fact I love being home, it’s probably the most stress-free environment possible. Except for when I can’t seem to leave work problems at work. I used to be able to come home and completely switch off my brain from anything work related and just be at home. I really need to get back to that. I was having bad headaches for over a month and finally went to the doctor. I left with a prescription for massages and a diagnosis of stress headaches. The massage therapist I went to confirmed that I was way, way too tense and gave me some tips for relaxing. I knew it was really getting to be a problem when I had to call in sick twice in two weeks, spent my days off exhausted and feeling terrible, was becoming less and less productive at work, and started abandoning yoga videos after 10 minutes cause I just couldn’t get past this overwhelming feeling of stress. The more I got stressed out the less I wanted to do anything to alleviate that stress. Not to mention I noticed myself making bad food choices and not wanting to cook.

I finally decided that I just can’t do it anymore. So stating today project de-stress is commencing. I guess downsizing went along with that as well since I always get a sense of freedom from getting rid of stuff. I recently read “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll and then watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” last night on Netflix. They both had one thing in common. Diet changes leading to an increase of energy, which lead to an increase in exercise, which relieves stress and tension. So this morning I got up earlier than usual and instead of lazing about for the first hour or so I made a green smoothie and went for a run. Then I did a quick yoga class on yogaglo. Finally I felt that sense of calm returning, slowly, not quite 100% but it’s a start. Next I cooked some chickpeas and made hummus for a healthier lunch at work. Then I snuggled up in some comfy blankets and had a nap before getting ready for my nightshift. Before heading to work I made sure to eat a healthy “breakfast” of oatmeal. For the first time in a long time I actually felt okay heading to work instead of the usual “ugh I do not want to be here” feeling I’ve had lately. Maybe I can turn things around just by changing my thought process and making better food choices. I guess we’ll see!

Also today is the one year anniversary of my blog!  It looks a lot different than it did one year ago!


My happy place. I want to go back!

Do you have any tips or ideas for dealing with stress?


Vegetarians host a turkey dinner?

Wow, it’s really been a long time since I updated my blog.. Where has the time went? Sadly I haven’t really completed all the goals I set for myself this spring. I still have yet to plant my garden. The weather has just not been co-operating.. Whenever I have a day off it decides to rain on and off all day, even today, although the sun finally decided to make a brief appearance (I can tell by the grey clouds ready to move back in) the ground is sopping wet. Yesterday would have been a good day for gardening but we planned a turkey dinner for our friends that evening so I spent most of the day in the kitchen or cleaning. Turkey? Turkey dinner in June? Truth is I got a free turkey from work for Christmas and it has been sitting in the freezer ever since. I meant to take it to the food bank back around the holidays but I never got around to it. So it sat, for months and months with me debating back and forth whether to get rid of it, against my boyfriend’s protests, or to cook it. Finally after more persuading from Shadoe and with his brother’s arrival last week I decided it would be better to finally do something with the bird rather than let it go bad in the freezer while I made up my mind about just how terrible it would be to eat it.

So we planned a big dinner and invited over some friends. With one more mouth in the house to eat the leftovers and lots of people to share in the feast I didn’t feel quite so bad about consuming the factory-raised animal. My friends were very confused about the menu for the night. One of them had even brought goat cheese separate from the salad he made as he wasn’t sure if I was eating dairy or not. I had to laugh and tell everyone it was a free for all night, I was eating turkey, cheese, everything! Of course I got the usual comments about not being a very good vegetarian, but I tried very hard to brush it off. As I mentioned in an earlier post about labels, I prefer the vegetarian label for it’s ease of use social settings and since I do eat vegetarian 99% of the time but I hate that feeling of inadequacy that comes along with giving yourself a label and not living up to it perfectly.

After a very successful dinner with friends and family (my mom decided to visit last minute) I felt satisfied with my decision. That is, until 5 am and I woke up sick to my stomach. I first I was freaking out, oh no I’ve given everyone food poisoning.. Then I remembered that the exact same thing happened last time we had a turkey dinner and I vowed not to touch the leftovers, for fear of getting sick again, just like last time. I have no idea what is wrong but my belly just does not like turkey dinner. It could also be I over-did it with the gravy and my stomach is just not used to that much animal fat. Either way makes it that much easier to avoid turkey at special occasions even if it is delicious. So after a big feast of meat, cheese, and cream sauce I’m happy to be back to my Happy Herbivore meal plan I’ve been following this week. I have to say I was pretty excited to drink my chocolate green smoothie this morning! I’ll do a post on how the meal plan is going later this week but so far so good!  


Chocolate breakfast smoothie with spinach. Yum!